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  • Rusty Kennedy Fighting Injustice
    Rusty Kennedy Fighting Injustice
    OC Register, December 5, 1999 1955 – Rusty Kennedy starts standing up for human rights when he’s lying down.  In his stroller.  His mother, Natalie, pushes baby Rusty around their Golden Hills...
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  • A Walk For Diversity
    A Walk For Diversity
    The Los Angeles Times, December 6, 1998 The changing face of  Orange County is ever more apparent.  The percentage of whites is decreasing, the percentage of Latinos and Asians is increasing...click here...
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  • Tolerance Program Praised
    Tolerance Program Praised
    The OC Register, April 28, 1998 BRIDGES, an Orange County school program, was honored by the White House this week for its efforts to teach youth ethnic tolerance and understanding… click here...
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